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Your collaborative team is customised to meet the needs of your family. It may include collaboratively trained lawyers, financial advisers and/or accountants.

It may also include a specialist collaborative coach who manages the relationships, dynamics and communications between the collaborative team members and keeps everyone on track.

The professional members of your collaborative team have completed specialised collaborative training and undertake ongoing professional development as members of Collaborative Professionals WA.

Your collaborative team will organise a series of meetings with you and your family.  There are no nasty lawyer letters and no threats of court action.

You will each receive transparent legal and financial advice and be able to explore settlement options and solutions together to benefit everyone. 

Once an agreement is reached, the collaborative professionals will document the agreement to make sure everyone is on the same page and formalise the agreement if necessary.

Your collaborative process will be personalised, but it could look like this:

Meeting 1

You agree on how your collaboration will run and sign a participation agreement which covers:

  • who will be included in your collaborative team;
  • how the collaborative team will work together; and
  • what the budget will be and how to fund it.

The team also identifies common objectives and might start exploring individual interests and goals.

At the end of each meeting, the team agrees what needs to happen to progress the matter, assigns tasks to team members and sets the agenda for the next meeting.

Meeting 2

Team members share the financial, legal, and other relevant information which they have gathered.  The team identifies gaps and decides what further information might be needed to resolve any particular issue.

The team works through each issue one at a time identifying each person’s interests and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be heard and understands any financial and legal consequences.

Meeting 3

Team members start exploring options for resolving each issue while the collaborative coach holds the process and manages the emotions in the room.

Finalising the agreement

The lawyers put pen to paper and collaborate with other team members as required to hone the details and pin down any practical issues.  The team may come together again to sign off on the agreement and work out who needs to do what to put the agreement into action.

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